We Can AguaSeal That

AguaSeal Waterproofing Systems was born out of necessity. In much the same way that “mom & pop” shops have become a thing of the past in favor of big-box stores, smaller contracting companies tend to get lost in the wash when compared to the major players in the roofing and waterproofing industry.

AguaSeal is here to service and support all of those smaller contractors, and the big boys too. The amount of time we spend with you before even completing a sale does not matter. We will build a relationship through which you will know who we are, what we do, what we can do for you, and where to find us.

We have deliberately formulated a portfolio of products that we believe will help you maximize your potential revenue stream. The products are custom designed to accelerate your rate of progress on the roof without compromising the quality of your workmanship and jeopardizing warranty requirements.

AguaSeal’s team has decades of experience in the fluid applied industry and is set up to help you in any way possible, including steering you to another product entirely should it be a better fix for the roofing problem.

If you like us, all we ask is that you check out the full range of what we are offering. You never know what’s around the next corner and, perhaps, we could help our businesses grow together.

Our AguaSeal Team


The founding owners of AguaSeal Waterproofing Systems are true veterans of the fluid approved waterproofing systems revolution that started in the USA in the late 1980’s. Find out more about us below!

Carl Evans

Launching an entirely new style of product into a truly well established industry is a bold and major under-taking. Ultimately, it was the infamous Hurricane Hugo of 1989 – with it’s sustained winds of 159mph – that established the concept. While roofs all around Charleston Naval Base were torn off and dumped hundreds of yards away, the one building allocated to the fluid applied system by the Naval Facilities Department stood firm. After the storm had passed, an inspection of the roof revealed not one millimeter of the product had been compromised.

Carl Evans was one of the original founders of Hydro Stop in 1994.

Carl spent many years convincing Facility Managers at US military bases all across the Sunbelt states to give him an audience. He then convinced them to give him a roof, then another… and thus the seed was planted. As those Facility Managers were moved from Base to Base, all across the USA and into the western Pacific, so Carl followed and the roofs continued to be fluid applied.

In 1999 Carl set up operations in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. Since that time Carl has developed new products, always predicated on USA resins and other raw materials, and has stayed true to all of the original Rohm & Haas formulas.

His operation in China flourishes today, importing US raw materials, blending them into the finished product and delivering them all over the vast country for hundreds of applicators. In addition, Carl has developed an international business by providing product to clients from Australia, to the Middle East, to Europe, southern Asia, and has even established another manufacturing plant in Seoul, South Korea.

Carl is a native of Charleston, South Carolina.

Chris Jefferies

Chris Jefferies has been associated with the fluid approved roofing and waterproofing industry since 1994, when Hydro Stop was incorporated. That same year, he commenced the private labeling of Hydro Stop products and introduced them into his native shipping industry for container repairs.

Chris was born in London and served in the Royal Navy, spending 3-4 years at sea before departing to work for the Astor family at Hever Castle in Kent (the home of King Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn).

Following 2 years of learning the aspects of old-money family business management, Chris joined the London based company Sea Containers. For the next 9 years, while based in London, Chris spent his time leasing shipping containers of all types throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Indian sub-continent, all the while learning and understanding how to interact with a wide range of different business mindsets and cultures. He was relocated to Charleston, South Carolina in 1987, and continued similar work with an emphasis on refrigerated and tank containers.

In 1993, Chris moved on from Sea Containers and began focusing on the international shipment of project and heavy lift cargos via US Flag tug and barge. His experience within this industry sector ranges from contract negotiation and all the relevant office/computer administration for such projects, through to the hands-on management of stevedoring teams loading and unloading cargos throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as China and Japan.

During this time he undertook an apprenticeship with Carl Evans and the founders of Hydro Stop, and embraced all aspects of fluid applied roofing and waterproofing systems. Chris designed marketing materials, including the iconic ‘wet dog’ brochure.

In the late 2000’s, Chris was directly employed by Hydro Stop as Federal Opportunities Business Development Manager, striving to re-open military base doors that had been closed following 9/11 and the introduction of the Homeland Securities Act.

Chris was a founding member of the highly successful Charleston Battery Football Club (professional soccer, one division below MLS) with a group of his own, very much amateur, soccer teammates in 1992.