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AguaSeal recognizes that its family of Contractors is the key to a sustainable existence. It is, therefore, in AguaSeal’s best interest to not only keep its Contractors happy, but also to find ways to help them expand their own businesses and prospective revenue streams.

One of the ways in which we do so is by providing one-stop shopping for an A-Z range of products necessary for your project.

A little team effort go a long way to helping each other grow our businesses together.


First Things First

Roofing and waterproofing can be highly expensive projects that often have to be planned and budgeted years in advance.

AguaSeal can help you, the Contractor, help your customers make some decisions.

There are tax benefits associated with AguaSeal’s fluid applied roofing systems.

Applying AguaSeal over an existing roof substrate is considered a maintenance item by the IRS. Maintenance is an expense item, which means your client offsets 100% of the cost in year one, instead of depreciating over 20+ years. This represents a serious $$ saving. With AguaSeal, you are opting for a life of building roof system, which means no more capital budget for roofing.

‘We can AguaSeal that!’

Solar Opportunities

A rooftop solar array can be expected to generate power for a minimum of 40-50 years.

Solar companies sell their product based upon a Return On Investment (ROI) within a projected number of years. This is usually a factor of basic installation cost offset by grid energy savings along with some Federal and individual State tax incentives. For example, if a projected ROI is 7 years, there is a general expectancy that the building owner will, from year 8, have decades of energy cost savings via uninterrupted power generation.

However, solar installation companies rarely have any roofing and waterproofing experience. Consequently, they can be totally unaware of the longevity of any roof substrate they intend installing on.

Solar installation is an expensive proposition. The building owner should always be made aware that his Return On Investment planning could be utterly compromised if the solar array needs to be disassembled and then re-installed to make way for a new roof.

The National Roofing Contractors Association acknowledges that solar contractors don’t necessarily follow the best practices with regards to roof penetrations and flashing details, and oftentimes a solar racking penetration may void a roof warranty completely. AguaSeal has no fear of roof penetrating racking – we can waterproof virtually anything.

Some solar groups are already associated with roofing companies. This is fine; a step in the right direction. However, only a fluid applied roof system can provide a life of building end product that never needs replacing. AguaSeal gives the building owner the decades of worry free solar generation he is spending big $ on.

Solar pic 2Without question, this is high-quality solar racking. It is built to withstand hurricane strength winds. The racking is strong and secure, but it is coring hundreds of holes in the roof substrate. Does the solar installer really know how to make those penetrations 100% watertight? And the roof substrate itself ? How many years of watertight integrity are left ?

As the substrate loses its watertight integrity, the solar array that has cost maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars to install, has to be removed to allow for a roof replacement. This destroys the building owner’s ROI capital planning. AguaSeal brings a wholly different approach; new roof for the life of the building and the life of the solar array (expense deduction), penetrating roof racking to withstand hurricane strength winds, and reflective coatings to enhance power generation.


Points to note:

Typical roofing systems have a 10-15 year lifespan. A rooftop solar array should still be generating power after 50+ years. Rooftop solar can take between 7 and 15 years to recoup the initial cost of installation.

The building owner’s Return on Investment is essentially destroyed once the need arises for the solar array to be removed, a new roof installed, and then the solar array re-assembled.

If a solar installation company does not address the roof system before installation, they are doing their client a significant disservice.

There is a right way and a wrong way to address rooftop solar. The goal should always be to protect the customer; the building owner.

Think: “long term solar needs long term roof”.
Think: AguaSeal.


Skylight Opportunities

A rooftop skylight system is essentially a waterproofing nightmare.

Everything is fine at installation, but come the day it starts leaking, it rarely ever stops.

The incorporation of dissimilar metals, plastics, perspex and/or glass, don’t make life easy for a waterproofing project. Most repair products fail soon after they are applied.

AguaSeal has the products, the expertise, and the experience to show Contractors how to tackle these issues with enough confidence and comfort to provide a leak – free warranty.

Call us if you encounter a skylight scenario and we’ll help you through it. In the case shown here, sealing the skylights led the way to a contract for a 60,000 square foot roof replacement.

Waterproofing Skylights?

‘We can AguaSeal that’

Anti-Condensation Opportunities

Condensation is another building nightmare.

When moisture saturated air comes into contact with a cooler surface, it condenses the moisture into water – usually in the form of droplets.

NoZwet, applied to the interior ceiling of metal skin, concrete, and uninsulated roofing systems, significantly increases the surface area for condensation to absorb into. It also provides a warmer insulating surface to reduce the capability of condensation to occur in the first place.

NoZwet absorbs the water at a rate of 1 liter per square yard before the moisture ever reaches the droplet stage.

Capillary action allows for rapid evaporation back into the atmosphere as vapor.

A NoZwet coated ceiling means no more damaged equipment, no more damaged electrical components and wiring, and no more potential lawsuits.

Condensation issues?

‘We can AguaSeal that’