The PanelSeal Metal Roof System comprises individual processes that when combined, produce a totally rejuvenated, new in appearance metal roof.

Step one of the process is to neutralize existing rust across the field of the roof.

We then provide total watertight integrity by sealing all of the seams and joints of the actual metal panels. This is the area subjected to significant panel movement incurred by thermal shock and high winds, and thereby prone to leak.

Step three is to prime the entire roof surface, which further contributes to the prevention of rust.

The use of AguaSeal’s HardTop provides a finishing ‘wear’ coat to protect the waterproofing treatment from the effects of rain, wind, and sun. HardTop also provides cool roof benefits, which results in increased energy savings.

What are the advantages?

  • Better, longer protection than conventional rust conversion paints or coatings
  • Less surface preparation than other primers, with no need for acid treatment or sand blasting
  • Water-based, environmentally friendly, low VOC
  • Ease of application and can be applied to dry or damp surfaces
  • Compatible with solvent and water-based topcoats without bleed through