Cleaners & Primers

RoofBond Primer

RoofBond Primer deep cleanses and binds the molecular structure of EPDM rubber roofs and similar substrates in preparation for the application of the MonoSeal System.

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AguaBase Slurry

AguaBase slurry is a highly suitable agent for fixing and priming deteriorated substrates, such as aged built up and granulated modified bitumens.

An application of AguaBase Slurry will encapsulate all loose roofing particles, leaving a surface perfectly suitable for the application of the AguaSeal or MonoSeal Systems.



AguaGrip is a water based, primer – adhesive coating, that is almost watery in viscosity. It provides exceptional adhesion to virtually all roof substrates while administering complete encapsulation of loose roof particles and granules, leaving a surface perfectly suitable for the application of the AguaSeal or MonoSeal Systems.

AguaGrip may be used to seal chalky residue substrates, to re-adhere loose granules on a cap sheet, and to encapsulate dust and dirt that may be difficult to remove. In addition, AguaGrip makes for an excellent bleed-blocker and aid system for leveling surfaces, making them ready for application to any of the AguaSeal Roofing Systems.

AguaGrip can be successfully used on asphalt, concrete, granulated cap sheets, asbestos, cement roofing, plastisol coated metal, and most other, pre – coated surfaces.

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AguaGrip Plus

AguaGrip Plus is a fiber reinforced primer system for sealing worn out BUR and aged granulated modified bitumens. This product is currently under development and testing.



AguaClean is a concentrated, multipurpose, citrus- enhanced, water-based, degreaser and cleaner.

It is designed to remove a broad spectrum of greases, grime, and oils from any surface.

AguaClean is applied via brush, roller, or sprayer, and should be diluted with 5 to 10 parts water depending on the roofing substrate.

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AguaPath is an extremely hardwearing, durable yet flexible, water-based, non-slip coating for protection of walkways and pedestrian areas.

Incorporated with a fine aggregate, AguaPath is formulated for application over AguaSeal’s MonoTop and/or HardTop, protecting these substrates from foot traffic.