ShelterSeal is a fluid applied, highly flexible, water-based acrylic elastomeric waterproofing compound that has been custom designed to seal joints and seams in factory built housing modules when there is a requirement for them to be united into one structure.

In addition, ShelterSeal is perfect for providing long-term watertight integrity to shipping container conversions, in-situ modular housing, and all other types of pre-fabricated ‘flat-pack’ modular buildings.

What are the advantages?

  • Sustainable life of building and roof system
  • System never requires tearing off but can be cut and re-applied to enable re-location of containers
  • 100% adhesion of system to existing roof substrate
  • Ultra-violet and Infrared resistant
  • Resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutant
  • Cool roof properties reduce building energy costs
  • Non-combustible, Non-flame spreading
  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Meets VOC emission regulations
  • No requirement to close facilities for installation
  • No special equipment or tools required
  • Ease of application and fresh water clean up