StreetSeal: Asphalt Rejuvenation

StreetSeal is a high – content, acrylic resin asphalt rejuvenating and coating system that is durable, wear resistant, and ultra violet stable.

StreetSeal permeates into the surface structure, forming a flexible seal that prevents water ingress and the subsequent degradation this causes, all while sealing minor fissures.

StreetSeal refreshes aged asphalt and block paving by re-adhering loose particles. This re-constitutes the surface, leaving a much-improved appearance. 1-2 coats will produce a matte surface, and additional coats will provide a sheen or semi-gloss. A fine aggregate may be added to provide a non-slip environment, but will make the surface a little harder to clean.

StreetSeal Plus

StreetSeal Plus is an enhanced version of StreetSeal with broader capabilities. It is currently under development and testing.

Installation and Product Specs

Application SheetsSafety Data Sheet

What are the advantages?

  • Less surface preparation than other primers, with no need for acid treatment or sand blasting
  • Water-based, environmentally friendly, low VOC
  • Ease of application and can be applied to dry or damp surfaces
  • Compatible with solvent and water-based topcoats without bleed through